Essay List

Alternative Ideas on Islam’s Formation
The “Man” the “Masjid” & the Restoration of Islam
Is Mecca the Original location of the Kaaba?
Did the Negus embrace Islam? The Letter to the Abyssinians deconstructed.
Meeting with Heraclius Deconstructed
The Allegorical Bible & the Quran

Islamic Studies & things the Imams don’t tell you
Only Allah knows vs People of Knowledge
I believe in an “Alternative-Allah”
The Two Right Hands of YHWH
“Only the Messenger” or “The Only Messenger” or “The Messenger, Only”
Houris = Believers!
Blaspheming the Holy Spirit & the Prophet of Islam
Gabriel=Ruh? Jesus=Ruh? Holy Spirit=Ruh? Michael=???
Did Jesus send Muhammed?
Parable of the Saffron Cow & the Two Heifers
Those who know vs Those who do not know

Islamic Hemlines
How to search for the Night of Power
Sura 3:28 “Instead of” or “Besides”
Sura 3:93 Justification by Faith (and Sacred Pigs)
Who are the ‘brethren’ of Moses?
The “Except Clause” and Intercession
Imams of the Fire
Are Muslims in Breach of their Quran?
No Everlasting Covenant in Islam
In the footsteps of Pharaoh – and exceeding the limits
Only the Creator is worthy of Worship
Does the Quran promote peace
Forgetting: Who is Responsible – Shaitan or Allah?

Hadithic Studies
Islamic Jurisprudence before Bukhari
Hadith vs Quran
When “True” Hadiths are False.
Wait, what? (A Hadith compilation)
Are Bells Evil?
Are Drinking Glasses Haram?
Who let the dogs out!
Did the Prophet swallow his own Vomit?

Sex, Marriage & Money
“Submission” in Islam and its Biblical Origin
Those whom your Right Hands possess vs the Guarded Ones (Revised)
Is Triple Talaq unIslamic?
Mohammed and Honey
Breastfeeding & 4 Wives
Q.65:4 Prepubescent – Yes or No?
Rise of a “New” Economy
The truth about the Hijab
If Interest/Usury is Haram how do Islamic Banks make money?
Did the Prophet deal in Usury?

Thoughts on Bible Prophecy
Daniel 2 – Who Is the Iron Kingdom?
Understanding Ezekiel 7:19
Sura 41:53 & The Sign Within
Sura 5:112 – Dear Lord, Thank You for my Daily Food Ration
Venezuela & Ezekiel 39:6
Asia Bibi & The Cup of Water

The Son of Perdition & the Nine Gemstones
Alloys that do not Mix

This Generation will not Pass ……. and the Two Generations
Resolving Apparent Discrepancies & Thinking like a Screenwriter.
Return of the Silk Road

Science & Scripture
Genesis 1:9 – Two Ice Caps, or One?
Genesis 2:5 – A Second Genesis? Or the Start of Agriculture?
Why Trust Science when You have Scientists?
Allah’s Decree, Causality & the Laws of Physics

Would Darwin have submitted his Theory of Evolution if he Knew Then what we Know Now?
What is your Evidence?

Bees & the Land flowing with Honey
The Mahabharata Supports the Flat Earth Theory.
7 Days or Billions of Years? Which is correct.
Will Oil & Gas run out?
Viruses – Why?

Historical & Textual Issues – Christianity & Islam
The Marian Apparitions disprove the Hallucination theory.
Perfect Preservation and Only God is Perfect
Hafs Ibn Sulayman Ibn al-Asadi – Trustworthy or Untrustworthy?
Mathematical Evidence of the Tampering of the Quran
The Samarkand Manuscript
Islam & Fraudulent Historians

Context is everything!
What is the context of the Quran?
Is the Temple Mount really the Tabernacle Mount?
Quran & Preventing Prayer by Jews at the Jewish al-Masjid al-Haram
Right to Left or Top to Bottom
Did the Quran say that the Taurat & Injeel were corrupted?
Who was the Prophet’s father?
Was the Prophet a Fraud?
The Ridda Wars and their Consequences
‘We’ in the Quran

Islam and its Reformation
Palestine and the Land of Wrestlers

Bible Studies & other Heretical Ideas
Blessed are the Spiritually Destitute
Fulfilling vs Complying – The Sabbath
Belief vs Allegiance to God
Kicking against the Goads.

Christmas Thoughts
Mary – Perpetual Virginity?
All Religions point to Jesus?
Refutation to the Jehovah Witness denial of the “Person” of the Holy Spirit

God – Singular or Plural?
What if God didn’t Exist?
Is God Evil?

Training to be a Jedi – and the Problem of Pain.
The Greater Miracle
What day was the Crucifixion? – a Reconciliation
One Whipping Post or Two?
Eve and the place between the Backbone and the Rib
Ethnic extermination in the Bible

Abraham and “his” Sacrifice

Bible vs Quran and Related Issues
John 17:3 and the (Un)Created Messenger
Understanding the Quran by Understanding the Bible

Isaiah 29:12 – Yes, it refers to Islam!
Jesus & His Ransom

Jesus One Son of Many?

Isaac or Ishmael (or Jacob)?
The Five Pillars
Being saved to do good works VS doing good works to be saved
Hagia Sophia & l-hikmata

Other ramblings
When your neighbour’s house is on fire, wet your own
Minimal Facts Method
Decluttering the Times
Lowering Entry Requirements for Girls vs CEO by Proxy
Normalizing Evil, Vilifies Good
Two-Thirds of Those Surveyed agreed that …..
S***hole Countries & Border Security
Rejecting Jesus as King

The Princess Diana documentary – an analysis
To the Hindus….
Should all religious creeds be equally respected?
Politically Correct vs the Truth
Forgiveness without Repentance
Toilets, India & Islam
Facing Doubt

Quranic Commentary – A Chronological Order
1st Sura 96 : The Clot – from Blood & Water
2nd Sura 68 : The Pen – Teaching with the Pen & The Corruption of the Book of Allah
3rd Sura 73: The Enshrouded One – Denying the Last Day
4th Sura 74 : The Covered One – The One on the Throne
4th Sura 74 (B) : The Covered One – 19! What?
5th Sura 1 : The Opening – The Mother of the Quran?
6th Sura 111 : The Flame – In the Eyes of the World
7th Sura 81: The Folded Up – Foreknowledge vs Predestination
8th Sura 87 : The Most High – The Scriptures of Abraham & Moses
9th Sura 92: The Night – Controlling Allah (A bit of Hindu Context)
10th Sura 89: The Daybreak – Coming & Going, Near & Far, Inside & Outside

11th Sura 93 : The Brightness – The Metaphor of the Night
12th Sura 94 : The Expansion – The Yoke
13th Sura 103: The Age – Filing for Bankruptcy
14th Sura 100 : The Chargers – The Bandits
15th Sura 108 : The Abundance of Good – The Kalâlah who is Not the Father
15th Sura 108 (B): The Abundance of Good – Pray then S***?????
16th Sura 102 : Vying in Abundance – Abundance and the River of Paradise
17th Sura 107 : Alms – Praying to be Seen and Obstructing the Passageway
18th Sura 109 : The Atheists – The Ones who Cover the Truth & The One who Covers Sin
19th Sura 105 : The Elephant – Atlantis, Marble Villas & the Shout
20th Sura 113 : The Dawn – The Majic Knot Trick
20th Sura 113 (B): The Dawn – Did God Create Evil?

21st Sura 114: The People – The King of Man
22nd Sura 112: The Unity – Begotten or Unbegotten
23rd Sura 53: The Star – Three Daughters or Three Wives?
23rd Sura 53 (B): The Star – Small Termites can bring down a Mighty Tree
24th Sura 80: He Frowned – The Lying Scribal Pen & Arguing over Words
25th Sura 97: The Night of Decree – Which Decree was fulfilled?
26th Sura 91: The Sun – The Book of the Camel of God
27th: Sura 85: Mansions of the Stars – The Quranic Tablet
28th Sura 95: The Fig – All about Figs!

44th Sura 19 : Maryam – Drawing Near and Inheriting Paradise (Q.19:93)
46th Sura 56 : The Event – Covering the Holes

51st Sura 10: Jonah – The Truth Between His/his Two Hands

87th Sura 2 : The Cow – The Sin of Changing the Religion of islam (Q.2:183)

90th Sura 33: The Coalition – The Sword of the Mouth & Ali the High Priest of Allah

29th Sura 106: Quraish (Winter)
30th Sura 101: AL-QARIA (The Calamity)

31st Sura 75: AL-QIYAMA (The Resurrection) – Signs in the Sun & the Moon
32nd Sura 104 AL-HUMAZA (The Gossipmonger)
33rd Sura 77 AL-MURSALAT (The Winds Sent Forth)
34th Sura 50: QAF (The Letter Q) – Inserting Verses
35th Sura 90: AL-BALAD (This Countryside) – Swearing
36th Sura 86: AT-TARIQ (The Morning Star)
37th Sura 54: AL-QAMAR (The Moon)
38th Sura 38: SAD (The Letter S – for Sing)
39th Sura 7: AL-ARAF (The Heights) – The False Messenger
40th Sura 72: AL-JINN (The Jinn) – Obey Me, Muhammed

41st Sura 36: YA-SEEN (Y.S.) – Reward vs Zakat
42nd Sura 25: AL-FURQAN (The Criterion) – Messengers that (don’t) eat
43rd: Sura 35 FATIR (The Angels) with wings and the One who calls out.
44th Sura 19 : Maryam – Rejecting the Signs
45th Sura 20: TA-HA (Ta-Ha) – Naked before God
46th Sura 56: AL-WAQIA (The Event) – The People of the Wall
47th Sura 26: AL-SHUARA (The Poets) – The Foreign Messenger & His Language
48th Sura 27: AL-NAML (The Ant)
49th Sura 28: AL-QASAS (The Stories) – Musa the Fire-Worshiper
50th Sura 17 AL-ISRA (ISRA’)

51st Sura 10: YUNUS (Jonah) – Forging the Quran?
52nd Sura 11: HUD (Hud) – The Mountain of Works
52nd Sura 11: HUD (Hud) – The Believers & the Unclean Animals
53rd Sura 12: YUSUF (Joseph) – When Joseph was sent to Hell
53rd Sura 12: YUSUF (Joseph) – Evil Today, Righteous Tomorrow
54th Sura 15: AL-HIJR (Rock City)
55th Sura 6 AL-ANAAM: (Cattle) – Forgiveness without Repentance.
56th Sura 37: AS-SAAFFAT (Drawn up in Ranks) – the Easts & the Wests
57th Sura 31: LUQMAN (Luqman) – Arguing without Books
58th Sura 34: SABA (Saba) – How to know The Hour is coming?
59th Sura 39 AZ-ZUMAR (The Throngs) – Reconciliation
60th Sura 40: AL-GHAFIR (The Forgiver) – When we See, we will Believe and have Faith (?)

61st Sura: 41 FUSSILAT (Explained in Detail) – The Torn Hijab
62nd Sura 42: ASH-SHURA (COUNCIL) -How to receive Revelations?
63rd Sura 43: AZ-ZUKHRUF (Ornaments of Gold)
64th Sura 44 : AD-DUKHAN (SMOKE) – Smoke without Fire & Paradise vs Gardens
65th Sura 45: AL-JATHIYA (Crouching) – Provision from the Sky
66th Sura 46 : AL-AHQAF (The Dunes) – Vestige of Knowledge
67th Sura 51: ADH-DHARIYAT (The Winnowing Winds) – Everyone is going to Hell & the Fourth Man.
68th: Sura 88 AL-GHASHIYA (The Overwhelming) – The Garden of Hell
69th Sura 18: AL-KAHF (The Cave) – The House of the Son & the Black Cornerstone
70th Sura 16: AN-NAHL (The Bee) – What is the “Command”
70th Sura 16: AN-NAHL (The Bee) – Denying Allah & Pharaoh’s Magicians

71st Sura 71: NOOH (Noah) – Believers of the House (of Noah)
72nd Sura 14: IBRAHIM (Abraham) – The Day(s) of Allah.
73rd Sura 21: AL-ANBIYA (The Prophets) – The Wrong-doers & the Ones in Darkness
74th Sura 23: AL-MUMENOON (The Believers) – Quran, By Angel or By Spirit
75th Sura 32: Prostration (AL-SAJDAH) 
75th Sura 32: AS-SAJDA (Adoration) – Signs, Revelations or Verses?
76th Sura 52: AT-TUR (The Mount) – Writings & Tales of the Ancients
77th: Sura 67 AL-MULK (The Sovereignty) – The Warner & John 5:46-47
78th Sura 69: AL-HAAQQA (The Reality) – The Purpose
79th Sura 70: AL-MAARIJ (The Ascending Stairways) – & more Swearing
80th Sura 78: AN-NABA (The Tidings) – Heaven is a place on Earth

81st Sura 79: AN-NAZIAT (Those who drag forth) – A Day at the Pool/Cistern.
82nd Sura 82: AL-INFATAR (The Cleaving) – What is the Difference between the “Soul” & the “soul”
83rd Sura 84: Al-INSHIQAQ (The Sundering) – Ascending-to-Allah
84th Sura 30: AL-ROOM (The Romans) – Allah’s end game
85th Sura 29: AL-ANKABOOT (The Spider) – Who can inherit Prophethood?
86th Sura 83: Al-Mutaffifin (Defrauding) – Decriminalization & Revelation 6:6
87th Sura 2 : AL-BAQARA (The Cow) – Parallel Verses & Answering the Challenge

89th Sura 3 : AL-E-IMRAN (The House of Imran)
90th Sura 33: AL-AHZAB (The Coalition) – “Not the _ _ _ _ _”

91st Sura 60: AL-MUMTAHINA (Examining Her) – Abraham the Bad Example
92nd Sura 4: AN-NISA (Women) – I’m Dead, Now What?
93rd Sura 99: AL-ZALZALA (The Earthquake) – Gender Analysis
94th Sura 57: AL-HADID (The Iron) – The Parable of the Ten Bridesmaids
95th Sura 47: MUHAMMAD – The Prophecy of the Destruction of Mecca
96th Sura 13: AL-RAD (The Thunder) – The Name of the Partner
97th Sura 55: AR-RAHMAN (The Beneficient) – Cross-referencing your Translations & the Deity of …
98th Sura 76: AL-INSAN (Man) – The Spring of “The Way”
99th Sura 65: AT-TALAQ (Divorce) – Seven Heavens & Seven Earths
100th Sura 98: Al-Bayyina (The Clear Proof) – Who are the Audience of the Quran?

101st Sura 59: AL-HASHR (Exile) – My Name is Wonderful
102nd Sura 24: AL-NOOR (The Light) – Five Witness Statements
103rd Sura 22: AL-HAJJ (The Pilgrimage) – Are there Toilets in Paradise?
104th Sura 63: AL-MUNAFIQOON (The Hypocrites) – Where did Jesus say “I AM God”
105th Sura 58: AL-MUJADILA (She that Disputeth) – Context of Zihar
106th Sura 49: AL-HUJRAAT (The Inner Rooms)
107th Sura 66: At-Tahrim (Prohibition) – Transabdominal & Transvaginal Ultrasound
107th Sura 66: Prohibition – Which Words of the Lord did Mary Fulfill?
107th Sura 66: AT-TAHRIM (Prohibition) – Dwelling in Allah’s House
108th Sura 64: AT-TAGHABUN (Haggling) – Trinity in the Quran
109th Sura 61: AS-SAFF (The Ranks) – Fighting in ranks VS Standing in the Gap
110th Sura 62: AL-JUMUA (The Congregation) – Seeking the Lambs who are Lost

111th Sura 48: AL-FATH (Victory) – Standing vs Prostrating
112th Sura 5: AL-MAEDA (The Table Spread)
113th Sura 9: AL-TAWBA (Repentance) – Switch & Bait
114th Sura 110: AN-NASR (Divine Support) – False Claimants


Introduction to the Hindu Files
Can Hindu Scriptures be taken out of Context?
Hindu Scriptures: Reliability in Transmission? Historicity?
Is Hinduism Unfalsifiable?

The Mahabharata : Plot Hole! – How easy is it to bring this Epic to the Big Screen
Mahabharat 1988 Eps 87 – The Missing Subtitles (Scene by Scene Breakdown)
Mahabharat (2013 TV Series) – My thoughts
Culture vs Morality: Yudhisthira’s Dilemma
Tirthas – Can Physical Water Cleanse the Spiritual Body
Asceticism vs Knowledge – Which is Greater?
What Time is it?

The Problem with the Mahabharata and how this Impacts the Bhagavad-Gita
Vishnu Purana & genesis
The Vedas: First Impressions
Buddhism: First Impressions of the Texts

Bhagavad Gita
BG : Chpt 1 – Caste Confusion?
BG : Chpt 2 – The Alpha & the Omega
BG : Chpt 3 – What’s the Point?
BG : Chpt 4 – The “self” vs the “Self”
BG : Chpt 5 – Knowledge enclosed by Ignorance
BG : Chpt 6 – Mine Enemy is My Friend
BG : Chpt 7 – Regaining Knowledge
BG : Chpt 8 – Definitions
BG : Chpt 9 – Abide in Me and I in You
BG : Chpt 10 & 11 – Who & What is Krishna
BG : Chpt 12 – The Ones who Krishna Loves
BG : Chpt 13 – Jumping up and down in Muddy Puddles
BG : Chpt 14 – Do all Worldviews Lead to Brahman?
BG : Chpt 15 – Created or Uncreated
BG : Chpt 16 – The Former Scriptures?
BG : Chpt 17 – I Feel Your Pain – Literally!
BG : Chpt 18 – But I Say unto You

Is Paradise For Eternity?
Sai Baba & the Resurrection
Resurrection in the Mahabharata
Why the Caste “System” is Destroying India
Do (Can) Hindus take their Scriptures seriously?
I found the Kitchen Sink
Who is like Brahman?
Wait, What? – A Mahabharata Compilation – Book 1
Wait, What? – A Mahabharata Compilation – Book 2&3
The Scientific Miracle of Reproduction in the Mahabharata
Medical Miracles of the Mahabharata

Prelude To Rama (Plothole)
The Consequences of “Ancestor Worship”